GRID – Lisbon – July 2019

The guest curator of this sixth meeting of GRID is Christophe Daviet-Thery who will present a project called ABOUT COLORS.


GRID was created to investigate many facets underlying the choices and passions of the involved actors, organizing on the limited space of a library 
shelf, minimum unit of a complex structure, an exhibition able to tell stories of encounters, loves and experiences. The library, conceived also as a cultural and experiential grid, then will hosting one of its cells a guest, different each time, which will be responsible for treating the contents fishing in its collection of books, objects or works of art.
The GRID project is curated by Eddy Merckx, a working platform built on collaboration between the figure of the critic and that of the collector.
Eddy Merckx wants to be an experimental laboratory on the potential unexpressed about the figure of the collector in today’s art world, which is accompanied by the problematising vision of the art critic, in an original curatorial partnership.
Numerous artists have been so fascinated by colour, or have reflected so profoundly on it, that their names have become associated with certain ones, such as Yves Klein with blue, and Ad Reinhardt with black. Colour is a central element of the history of art, and such an essential component of many artists’ work that movements have been characterised by them: Der Blau Reiter, Fauvisme…

And yet colour, which is by definition visual, is absent here, or virtually so.

It is not a question of being interested in its retinal nature, its function, or the symbolism underlying it, but rather in its representation via a conceptual approach.

Roland Barthes wrote, “When I buy colours, it is by the mere sight of their name.”

(Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes, translation by Richard Howard, Hill and Wang, 2010)

We name it in order to represent it.

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