At Albert Baronian Gallery April 2017

Map they could all understand (The Hunting of the Snark, Lewis Carroll, 1876)
A project by Christophe Daviet-Thery for Albert Baronian Gallery with:
Fiona Banner, Robert Barry , Daniel Gustav Cramer, Max Ernst and herman de vries.

In 1876, Lewis Caroll wrote The Hunting of the Snark, which Henry Holiday (1839-1927) illustrated with nine engravings including a map. One should observe it closely, as there is nothing to see. However (…) “this was a map they could all understand (…) a perfect and absolute blank.” In 1950, Max Ernst takes over the illustrations. The map is still present, displayed, spreading its glaring blank. If there is nothing to see, there is something to read: the Ocean. Naming to represent. Two maps as a starting point, to question the notion of representation, of its form and to reveal its diversity. And furthermore, questioning the relationship between images and language.

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