Mac Adams, One hundred lines (2001)

  • 1 Mac Adams, One hundred lines

27 x 28 cm with 9 unbounded and unpaginated images printed on both sides
500 unsigned and ununbered copies

published by &: christophe daviet-thery,Paris
with a text by Patrick Bouvet
price: 30 euros

In a bathroom, some dolls, silent witnesses to a drama : blood on the walls, a dead woman in a bathtub. Mac Adams created an environment titled « One hundred eyes » which turned into pictures, meticulously staged photographs. The process is cinematographic as much as photographic. The viewers are guided and a near theatrical synopsis is created that puts as much information as possible into the image.  Mac Adams is the director of actors and a set that he brings together for the moment when the picture is taken. He also demonstrates the passage of time: before and after the dead of this woman.  Clues ( dolls collection, photographs of the woman alive, pregnancy test  …) are shown and the story is told but an open story that makes possible different interpretations. The viewers become the new witnesses, lost in the multitude of elements that are both connected and distinct. As the viewer become an intimate of the story, he is witness and voyeur, spectator and participant. Mac Adams attacks the power of the picture and the manipulations of the picture-maker. He exposes the way  meaning is  distorted and controlled. What seems clear from the portrayal of a given reality is never the reality itself. It is the viewer who recreates the crime – if ever there was one. Mac Adams collaborated with the writer Patrick Bouvet who wrote a text  « One hundred lies », his own interpretation of  the story, printed on the verso of each photograph.

Photographs : © Rebecca Fanuele