Pickpocket / Kunst Raum Riehen – Basel – September 2019



An exhibition curated by Katharina Dunst and Boris Rebetez

With work by Sven Augustijnen, Donatella Bernardi, Marcel Broodthaers, Peter Bosshart, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Philippe Queloz, Karlheinz Scherer, Axelle Stiefel, Cassidy Toner u.a.m.

September 14 November 3, 2019

Kunst Raum Riehen

Im Berowergut, Baselstrasse 71, 4125 Riehen

Basel-Stadt, Switzerland 

On the occasion of this exhibition, we will launch the eighth version of the project Je déballe ma bibliothèque.

Inspired by the work of Walter Benjamin, this project explores the library as a meeting space, a place of dialogue and confrontation of all kinds of knowledge, which led Jorge Luis Borges to say: « I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. »

This project is in many ways focused on the library, and is quite literary in its references, starting with its title, which is borrowed from Walter Benjamin.

It is an itinerant exhibition, reminiscent of Professor Peter Kien in Elias Canetti’s Auto-da-fé, who always takes part of his library along with him.

The nature of the exhibition invariably brings to mind Jorge Luis Borges.

As the library is mobile, its content varies and is added to as it travels, depending on the context in which the library appears.  In this version of the project, the exhibition Pickpocket is curated by Katharina Dunst and Boris Rebetez at Kunst Raum Riehen.

This literary selection relates to the theme of the exhibition, which questions the definition of theft.

Is it legal when theft is a creative gesture?

Is theft a way to oppose the system?

Does theft call into question the notion of authorship?

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